This is my first word post blog post. (As you can tell by the exciting title.)
It’s not my first blog however. My first (i keep writing frist) one was actually about Ball Hockey league i run in aurora some sundays. I started that one in 2002.

Why have i moved to wordpress?
I heard about it at the Blog 2.0 conference in toronto that i attended with my art director partner brian.
(we created the name and logo by the way, i’m proud to say)
anyhow, one of my thoughts was that my current “blogger” accounts were akin to having “aol” or “hotmail” email addresses. i still use yahoo, so whatev.
anyhow, i wanted to come by and see what wordpress was all about. i’m happy i got my domain name and didnt’ have to be “michaelcollins74” or something like that.

it’s raining in toronto right now. a nice cool june afternoon on saturday.
good for the garden.
we’ve planted tomatoes and beans in the back yard.
actually i should back up, my grandfather has planted them. i just sort of helped him break up the soil.

he gets more done than people 1/4 his age. (he’s going on 88 this year) although he may be taking a nap right now i can assure you that when he gets up again he’ll be making something in the kitchen with kolbassa, cabbage, and possible beets. (aka the holy trinity of polish foods – garlic being god.).

so that’s it for my first post. hoped you liked it. stay tuned. more fun coming up soon.