I’m home from a night of dancing. yes i should be in bed sleeping, because that’s what you should do after being out late and it’s 3:30 am.
anyhow, my brother’s girlfriend just turned 21 – so we celebrated by hearing songs at the dance cave. For every arctic monkeys (2005) i also got excited by a pixies song (where is my mind 1988) and a smiths song (1984 or so)
i love how that’s not even a “retro” night at this point. whereas people at one point would hit club for disco (the sick bastas, i know – who goes to a club just for disco) or retro 80s (don’t you forget about me) – but this was different, just that ther was a ska set with a remixed “take on me” along with “concrete jungle” – then later some no doubt – sure we’re not getting up into the late 90s even, but hey, it all melded into an evening.
i was even more buoyed by my brother’s friend who’s all of 22 who’s into joy division and happy mondays.

yeah. which is all to say that yes, i don’t feel old just yet.

though, i do have allergies, that sucks.

which means i have a sore throat most of the time. right now included.
that sucks more than a thought that i somehow was old.
which i don’t have.

worst post ever? please – i’ve just begun.