Okay, so the sore throat i had saturday turned into a chest cold on sunday – which took my voice sort of away (i sound like a squeek toy) and left me hurtin’ so i’m home from work today.

Being home from work, well sucks.

It’s not that I’m a workaholic and can’t imagine a day away from the office. It’s more to do with the timing of the sickness.
Cuz it’s june. and it’s nice outside. I hear dogs barking, and that sort of summer din (if indeed it is a din, and not the sound of a far off streetcar)

after sleeping for a bit, i put in a movie. (Black hawk down. ewan mcgregor doesn’t play that convincing an american)

what i miss are the educational tv shows of my childhood.

Those nerdy no-budget shows that they would put on on PBS and TVOntario.

Here are some of my favourites.

1. Read all about it. – these kids would put out a newspaper and somehow got the ability to travel both into the past and the future.
my favourite was the past. i’ve always had a historical obsession with the war of 1812 – so when they travelled back to visit Isaac Brock i was over the moon.
(over the moon? who says over the moon? i’m a time traveller from the past.)
anyhow, the kids – as i remember it – somehow warn brock about some invasion and save the day.
and i could be wrong – but doesn’t that totally ruin the role of laura secord?
the second place i remember them going was the future – or more specifically a poorly lit TVO soundstage that was covered in aluminum foil. (it was the 80s, they tried their best).
of course the bad guy had a name that began with the letter zed – like zorgon, zalgon, or zelpha or zumpthing like zat.
i never knew how that series ended.

2. PBS had this one show where they talked about the missing settlers in virginia – john smith or something like that.
(these historical lessons really sunk in)
anyhow, all i remember was how spooky it was filmed because they didn’t show anyone – they moved around this fort without showing people.
I was like 8 or so when i saw it – but it was like a daylit blair witch project – maybe that’s where they got the idea for it.

and the last one
#3 – some kid who lived in 1975 in toronto and could travel back to 1875 by going into a trunk. When he was in 1975 he was always being chased around by a punk/bully with a jean jacket.
he’d hide out and eat in a diner, and didn’t go to school. it always made me think of how weird toronto and gritty toronto would have been in the mid to late 70s
(picture seedy seedy yonge street)
and it struck me that this kid was pretty much homeless at like 12 or so – though he seemed to have a room somewhere in an abandoned warehouse with a hockey poster on the wall –
which says that no matter how bad it gets in life, there’s always room for hockey.

now for some lunch, and some more black hawk down.