the world cup opens on friday in germany.

32 of the world's best teams will be fighting it out for soccer's biggest prize.

canada won't be there.

they've only been to one world cup. that was 20 years ago, in mexico. 

I think it's time Canada put some effort into making into the world cup. no seriously, let's get this thing done.

the most glory i've seen canadian men's soccer win in my memory was the 2000 gold cup. 

jason devos forever.

today, we have a good crop of young canadians who could well get canada into the biggest tournament in the world. i look at iain hume as one of these guys with the talent to put canada on the next level.

currently, our best player in a canadian uniform is a striker by the name tomasz radzinski. he's polish. lived in canada. but has spent most of his life playing and living in europe.

on the other hand, the best players NOT playing for canada are a guy named Owen Hargreaves who was born in canada, yet has chosen to play for england.
i'd rather see him in a canadian uniform.


 well, since canada won't be there i'll be throwing my support behind england. 

I will predict, however, that with the addition of FC Toronto to the MLS, that Canada will make the next world cup.

 or the one after that.

until then, i'll be practicing in my back lane like it's the mean streets of sao paulo.