Well, another blow was delivered to Canadian soccer today as Frank Yallop has just joined the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy as their head coach.

This is a double blow to Canadian soccer.

First a bit of background: to take the job with the Galaxy, Yallop quit as the Canadian senior men’s world cup team coach. His last gig in the MLS was with the San Jose Earthquakes, and he coached them to two MLS championships in 2001 and 2003.
This is, like most things to do with Canadian soccer, a good thing for the individual involved. (Sort of the same line of thinking that could explain why Owen Heargreaves would choose to play for England – to cut down travel time, and increase his visibility on the world stage – versus choosing to play for Canada and having to haul it back to play jet-lagged in, um, lower profile games against Belize in Kingston, Ontario).
Yallop will get to coach on a day to day basis for one of the successful MLS franchises.
But it’s no good for Canada or Toronto.
The Toronto MLS franchise could have used the services of a coach like Yallop. Why? Not only for the reason that he’s Canadian, but because – for all I’ve read about him – he’s a player’s coach. And he’s Canadian. And he knows how to win.The other blow is to the men’s national team.

 Yes, they don’t play that often.

Yes, they didn’t qualify for this year’s world cup.
But.They really benefited from having a coach like Yallop guiding them.Our best striker, Tomasz Radzinski came back to play with the team after a well publicized falling out with our former coach Holger Osiak. And Yallop really had a sense of developing younger talent – I’m thinking about Occean and Hume here.
At any rate, it’s good for Yallop. Bad for Toronto and Canada. I only hope that one day he’ll be back as Team Canada’s coach. Let’s make it a date, say for world cup 2014. You can read about it here http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article.jsp?content=20060607_155708_1560