I can’t help but be jealous of the Mexican National Soccer team today.
Right now they’re beating Iran 3-1.
A Brazilan born guy who goes by the name of “Senior” (not senor) has just put the up.

Mexico make every world cup. They dominate CONCACAF (the north american, carribean, and central american soccer region).
They don’t win world cups, in fact their record in the world cup isn’t that great. (Though, they hosted in 1986).

I think a huge reason they qualify year after year is their home stadium – Azteca – which is in the hot, humid, high-altitude, smog filled Mexico City.

Whenever Canada went to play in Azteca they just were flat. There just isn’t a training facility in the world that would compare to it.. and why would you want to?

There is no reason in the world to pull oxygen out of a room, turn on a heater, run a car’s engine, and then run around chasing a ball to simulate a soccer game in Azteca. It’s cruel and unusual punishment.

But it plays a role in Mexico’s success.

For the record, Canada does try to get back at them – you know, by scheduling our games against Mexico in NOvember in Toronto. You ever see bees in the winter time? they’re pretty lethargic. it’s pretty much the same effect when you put two soccer teams on a pitch in november in toronto.

anyhow, as i watch mexico handle iran, i can’t help but think that perhaps Canada would have had a pretty good shot against some of the teams at the world cup.

am i deluded? sure.