As I write this the last of the celebratory horns have travelled off into the night and left Dundas street in Toronto.

Wow. People, it was a 1-0 game against Anglola. You were expected to win this one. I suppose when the Portugese team makes the playoffs, that’s when the party around here will really start.

Team USA makes its start tomorrow against the Czech republic. (Where is slovakia gone by the way? I don’t ask in a political way, but in a sporting way – it seems the Czechs are much better in hockey and soccer than the Slovaks. Maybe the slovaks are better at, i dunno, chess or something.)

The reason i bring up Team USA is that every ethnic group has a place to hang out in Toronto.
Even tiny Trinidad and Tobago (like 1 point nothing million citizens) has at least a couple of bars where you can go and cheer on the Soca Warriors. (That’s soca, like the dance. i’m sure if you’re a good soca dancer it can do nothing but help your soccer skills – now i know why the argentines and brazilans are so good…. it’s not the slums of Rio or Buenos Aires – it’s the music…)
Where was I?
Oh yes, team USA.
They strike me as possibly the only country at this year’s world cup without a “home” base here in Toronto.

So i thought i’d suggest a few places where american soccer fans can get the best seats to watch Beasley and Reyna and talk about the glory days of Cobi Jones and Alexi “Lawless”.

Umm. All i can think of are the downtown tourist places – perhaps like Hard Rock on Yonge street or maybe Hooters on John. You may have to ask them to turn the channel to soccer, however, as golf or NASCAR may be on instead.

For the record, i think that the americans are going to win the game against the Czechs 2-1. Pavel Nedved just isn’t enough for the Czechs this time around.

Though, on second thought, they do have that goalie Petr Cech (You see why he’s so Czech – it’s in his name, Petr) who plays for Chelsea. And that factor may swing tomorrow’s game in favour of the Czechs.

But no. Here’s why i don’t think he’s going to make that much of a difference – he plays for chelsea.

Man, there’s times that my 5 foot nothing frame could play goal for Chelsea and i’d look like the second coming of Peter Shmeichel. (though, in this instance i’d go by Petr sMichael *BAD PUN*)
The point is, on a team as good as chelsea, you’re not going to get the best sense of how good Cech is.

Well, it will be interesting to see. Czech out *BAD PUN #2* the game tomorrow at noon eastern time.