Every Tuesday and Wednesday nights i play co-ed soccer in toronto.
It’s an after-work social league for people who either never played soccer when they were kids, or just remember playing it, or just want to have fun.

we played tonight at a school on ossington – so our game tonight was right amid the brazilian celebration.


we’re not brazilian by any stretch. if anything, we’re dutch. Our team wears orange (we have a real live Dutch player too – straight outtta Rotterdam! – okay i’m not sure if it’s rotterdam, but rotterdam sounds gute.)

anyhow, the best parts of the game was the honking and cheering while we were playing.
the field was close enough to the road to get cheers by the brazilian fans. as well, some people even stopped by to watch by the fence.

good times.

the teams even got into it with some arguments over goals and free kicks. i’m sure if someone threw a flare then our goalie would have feigned an injury or something.
the game had south american flair.

i played the part of a poor man’s roberto carlos. my kicks weren’t as deadly. my best hoof of the day went into the street.

the most brazilian part for us was the bumpy crappy field – straight outta sao paulo.

good times.