I think it's a great idea that Troy Glaus (Gloss) play short-stop for the blue jays.

I like Hillenbrand – let him handle third, and put that hulking Troy in short.

There are people out there that talk about natural positions. And they can point to how Russ Adams is now at second base.

My point of view is that they're baseball players – at some point you can play other positions in the field. (Save for catcher – which is a totally different skill-set all together.)

Yes, i'd love to have a Miguel Tejada play for the Jays at short.

But that's not an option.

I like what Gibbons is doing here with Glaus – shake it up, why not?

I mean, he's stuck with putting Josh Towers back on the mound (1-8) this series against Atlanta, why not shake it up and try to get something close to a winning lineup.