But it’s not that Ghana are playing amazing.

It’s that their group is mediocre. Look at their opponents:
– The United States are not having a great world cup.

– Italy are not having a great world cup.

– And Czech, for all their first game victory and their FIFA status as second best soccer playing team in the world, are not having a great world cup.

This is no group of death.

The Italians, having gone down to 10 men against USA last Saturday pull Totti out of the game.

I’ve seen Totti single handedly run a game (when Celtic came and played in Toronto – Totti scored the only goal against them and ran the show.)
I’m not sure why you don’t leave him in that game.

Italy have little direction this year.
USA seem willing to self implode. At least their coach is ready. Arenas just seems one second away from a head busting heart attack. 

They should have brought Cobi Jones just for the hype factor. 

The Czechs, now down to 10 men against Italy today and losing 1-0 at halftime, seem to be unable to do anything without their massive striker Jan Koller.

I'm predicting Ghana make it through.