Dundas Street was alive last night as Portugal beat up the Dutch 1-0.

People honking. Blowing whistles. waving flags.
Good times.

Can’t say the same thing for the Swiss however – missing 3 penalty shots is crazy!

There is an old saying that you can’t practice penalty shots, but i disagree.

You can practice them. And practice they should have.

Zero goals on three shots.

We didn’t even see the huge Ukranian striker.

Ahh well. No matter.
Upcoming, Brazil may find that they have a bit of trouble on their hands with Ghana.

Don’t underestimate them just yet.

By the way, it’s quiet in the neighbourhood here.

Proof that
a) there aren’t any Ukrainians around here, and if they are they’re not celebrating

b) there aren’t any Italians here – and if they are, they’re up on St. Clair celebrating.

and c) leaf fans aren’t taking to the streets to celebrate the addition of Andrew Raycroft.