Have you heard of Gnarls Barkley?

You know the group who’s name sounds like Charles Barkley?

Yeah, Crazy. What’s with the punny basketball band name? I decided to find out if another basketball player’s name would be better for their band name.

Here’s what I did.

1. Came up with some fast and dirty punny basketball names – in the same spirit as Gnarls Barkley –

2. then googled those names to see what comes up.
Before we begin, according to wikipedia, who you can believe 100% because it’s on the internet, Gnarls Barkley “denied that the band’s name is a reference to former basketball player Charles Barkley, saying “Nope. It’s just like everything else on this record. There was no conscious decision about stuff.

200px-gnarls_barkley.jpgDanger Mouse and Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley definitely not impersonating that wolf-droog Alex from “A Clockwork Orange”

On to the names:
1. name: Tragic Johnson

google result: Oh, it seems that a guy named Markus added this to the urban dictionary in 2003 saying “Earvin “Magic” Johnson has aids.” On the site it has one thumb up, and one thumb down.

Outlook as a band name? Umm. A little too lame really – i mean, Magic had that whole lame talk show thing for like 14 minutes and that was rather tragic in its own right – it was terrible. Keep it real, and stay away from this one.

2. name: Kilt Chamberlain

google result: According to sports site Red Deportivo, “la marca del legendario Kilt Chamberlain de 100 puntos era algo muy especial y “�nico”, que todav�a no hab�a podido asimilar.”

Outlook as a band name? Not Good. Hmm. Aside from its obvious appeal in the Scottish community – and perhaps among Spanish speaking Deportivo sports fans – that’s about it.

3. name: Larry Beard

google result: whoa! larry beard takes photos of surfers! and he’s also #55 on the Georgian Southern Eagles football team.

In short, a really bad name for a band.

4. band name: Cream Abdul Jabbar

google result: ” A local band called Cream Abdul-Jabbar resides in Tallahassee Florida”

And probably plays gigs at the Hojo, the Ron Jon, and the Bob Evans (if they have them there.)

As a band name? Um, let’s move on.

5. name: Psycho Jordan

google result: The first reference has to do with Michael Jordan – someone reviewing the book “Playing For Keeps” said “There were times in the book where I felt almost sick to my stomach reading how incredibly psycho Jordan can be.”

So yes, Psycho Jordan is a good band name alternative for Gnarls Barkley.

No. Who are we kidding?

They’re both bad band names.

If you’re going to adopt a basketball pun name as your band name, why not just adopt the punniest basketball name ever as your name.

It came from a real guy, and this is his real name:

World B. Free.

Can’t we all get along? I think you’re crazy.