On the same day as the world cup final, Toronto was having its grand prix race. (Or is it indy car? i’m not sure anymore.)

Every year, come july, the air in toronto is filled with the whine of indy cars. the sounds come from the exhibition grounds. which themselves are more used to the whine of carnies in august during the CNE.

Next summer it’s going to be different, in that a new soccer team will be playing in the MLS.

The Toronto FC will call the exhibition grounds their home.

Here is an artists rendering of their stadium.


I have to admit, i don’t know the name of the stadium – or if they’ve even named it yet.

But i’m looking forward to next year when TO FC begins to play.

The team, owned by Maple Leaf Sports, has posted photos of the construction. Here’s the last one from June 13, 2006.

You can notice the indy stuff also in the picture – like the bridge in the bottom left. THey’ll have removed that garbage by the time the FC take the field.

Pro Soccer in toronto that doesn’t involve driving up to Etobicoke = good times.

(I’m fully aware we have soccer in toronto – I’ll fill you in on my love hate relationship with the Toronto Lynx at another time. )