Dear Mike Peca,

First off, do you prefer Michael? I prefer Michael – or mikey. But anyhow – welcome to Toronto. Welcome to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Hope you had a good flight. I missed your press conference, but i did see in the paper you were sporting a golf shirt and your family looked very happy. I hear that was one of the reasons you signed here – you know because of your family.

I agree that family is important – I too would play for the Leafs for my family. (They’re all big leaf fans. Especially my dad – when he says Mats Sundin is a “big stupid” i know he says it out of a deep rooted love of the guy. You know, we’re hardest on the ones we love and all that.)

Anyhow, what do you think of Toronto so far?

I want to tell you a bit about Toronto as a Leaf Fan, and as someone who lives here.

First, the media are going to watch you like crazy. We’ve given up on the idea that we’ll get freedom through free agency, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking that every summer that guys like you, Hal (Gill) and Pavel Kubina are going to somehow mean that we hoist the cup next June.

Sadly, i know this isn’t going to be the year we’re going to do it. In fact i’ll be happy if you guys (now that you’re a leaf) make the playoffs.

I hope you didn’t sign because you thought you were coming to a contender.

You left a contender. At least one that proved that it could make it to the finals.

I’m happy you’re a leaf. But i’m sad for Edmonton. Not just because you left them – sure you helped them get to the final,  but also because  of how you and Chris left them. (i’m talking about Pronger.)

It just seemed so sudden. Like you had a great night out, and everyone had a great time, and you guys were the life of the party, and then…


you both decided to split and hang with other dudes.

Now, Edmonton’s loss is toronto’s gain – and i’m happy you’re a leaf – but it still doesn’t make it right.

I sorta still feel you and Chris turned your back on some friends. (Especially Chris who signed a contract, and then one year into it decided to ask to be traded – you, not so much, because you were a free agent)


welcome to toronto. and i just wanted to say it wouldn’t hurt to send a “thank-you” card to edmonton – you know, for old times sake.

see you around,