Don’t you hate traffic?

I’m waiting for a streetcar and it’s rush hour.

That means there’s two lanes of traffic going either way, with the two middle lanes being where the streetcar goes (drives? i’m not sure if streetcars drive – more like accelerate and brake, as there’s not much steering i’m not sure i can use “drive” in this sense. Well, i guess it’s like slot car racing – if you consider the pushing of the slot car trigger thing as driving then you can consider street car driving too. they both are electrical… anyo, back to our story)

so there are a lot of people on the road. and the lights are kind of short. shorter even at times because there’s an advanced green for one side, meaning that cars have to wait while 5 or six lucky souls in either north south direction get to get a head start.

anyhow a guy pulls into the right lane and stops,
i’m listening to music so i’m just watching the scene.
he’s sort of motioning to the guy to my left to come to the car.
the guy goes.
i’m interested so i turn off the music.
the guy in the car mentions something about “two amigos”
(we all know that in the movie version he’s buying three )
the guy beside me (who’s now not beside me, but beside the car – who i only said is beside me so as not to confuse between the two guys – in car, and beside)
beside me guy comes back with $10 to the little phone card booth ont he corner and buys two “Amigo” phone cards.

At this point in-car guy has been holding up the right lane of traffic for quite a while.
beside-me guy returns with said “amigos” and change for in-car guy, and gives it to him. In car guy then speeds off.

If you’re wondering why traffic in the city is so bad today, this was one of the reasons.

Can’t people in cars realize.
A) don’t block lanes.
b) especially during rush hours and
c) if you ask someone on the street to pick you up a phone card, you should at least tip them with the change.