I know it’s going to be a little while until the MLS kicks off in Toronto, but I think it’s time the Toronto FC start thinking about what is going to make them a success beyond a wonderful new stadium and their uniform.

Let’s talk players that would fit in nicely with the FC.

First guy I have to suggest is Adrian Serioux. He plays midfield and defence – this year for the Houston Dynamo of the MLS.

(Very quick, cuz i’m not sure of the answer: Is it called “the MLS”? It’s all new to us here in toronto. When you think about it “The NHL” “The NBA” and “The NFL” all make sense – as in “the national hockey league.” However “The Major League Soccer” sounds weird. I probably have it all wrong – it probably just goes by “MLS”. I’ll stand to be corrected in the future.)

Adrian is Canadian.
He’s even a hometown boy.
Serioux is pronounced “Sir-Rowe”
And i’m serious.
He’s an excellent player.

He was a huge part of the Lynx playoff run back in the fall of 2000. Guys with less skill than him (guys like Chris Pozniak and Marco Reda) got gigs in Europe before he did – and he was by far the superior player.
(the lynx magical run that year was ended by none other than Dwayne DeRosario… another guy Toronto you need to get.)

Adrian can throw in a ball farther than some guys can kick. His throws are unbelievable.

Toronto – start working it today. Get Adrian.