Okay so the plan was to go downstairs to the basement for a shower – because if you’re living in Toronto right now without air conditioning you know it’s hot.

So i’m heading downstairs with just shorts and my towel.

I didn’t even have clear eyesight as i had taken out my contacts.

But somehow along the way i got sidetracked by L and we began to make dinner. I mixed a salad and toasted hamburger buns.

sans shirt.

then my brother and i did the dishes.

me sans shirt.

L and i sit out for a second – but i can’t sit still cuz it’s hot
so i proceed to clean the BBQ. change the grease trap et al.

sans shirt. (okay you’re getting the picture here)

just as i’m finishing, G-pa is working in the Tomatoes. So now i’m clearing up the tomato cuttings.

i didn’t know that removing the tomato leaves was part of the whole tomato process. it was like watching someone with shaggy bushy hair get a haircut and realizing there’s a face under that mop.

before we cut the tomatoes it just looked like a wild bush – now you can actually see that there are tomatoes growing.

anyhow, tomato plants are itchy on a bare back.

(cuz i’m not wearing a shirt)

this is where i have to mention that I ALWAYS WEAR A SHIRT.
Growing up, you know when you would play SHIRTS versus SKINS in a sports game in school (the sikk freak gym teachers) – well, i would find a way to get on the SHIRTS team.
I dont’ like not wearing a shirt.
I’m the kid who, in teh middle of summer, wears a SHIRT to go swimming and so is used to a jellyfish like thing clinging to me as i move around in the water.
I like to wear a shirt.
Hell, it can be the hottest day of the year and i will wear TWO t-shirts*

*for the record it stops the outside shirt from getting sweaty – if you really have to know. now back tot he program.

The point is, i really really like to wear shirts.

Which is why tonight was weird in that i’ve spent the last 3 hours without one.

The topper was after we did tomatoes, grandpa goes and gets the lawn mower.
now i’m not about to let him mow the lawn.
so i get my shoes and my glasses – because i need to see what i’m doing and don’t want to chop my toes off – but dont’ get a shirt.
i thought it was okay – cuz we’re in the backyard, but then my neighbour comes out and he and i have a discussion about the heat.

And i realized then and there, right now i’m the guy who talks to his neighbour without wearing a shirt.

It’s a slippery slope. i worry that soon i’ll be going up to get milk wearing nothing but some Umbros and flip-flops. it’s a bad scene.
there are reasons why restaurants want you to wear a shirt to serve you. even bad ones, like mcDO insist on it.

So i’m saying no to not wearing a shirt. It’s time to put something on and have it stay on. because wearing shirts is the right thing to do.
how hot can it really be? just shirt up and do it.
So although i write this without a shirt, i’m going to put on one right away.

well, i’ll get on it right after my shower.