August always flys by. It’s sad to see the summer come to an end. One of the ways that it’s noticeable is that my soccer games have earlier start times.
But that got me thinking… soccer games!
The english premiere league starts again!

Liverpool look good again this year. (Though in my mind they look good every year.)
Heck, they’ve already beat Chelsea thanks to the header of the dork, Peter Crouch.

I’m just not a big crouch fan. I seem to have the same conversation about crouch every time his name comes up in soccer conversation. I admit – Yes, he’s got passable skills for a big man, – how could he not? He’s playing in the premiereship – just like NHL players, at some point you have to admit that even the worst professional sports players (like peter crouch and mike craig) are good enough to play SOMEWHERE.
I’d just prefer that somewhere not to be liverpool (in the case of crouch – i’m perfectly fine with mike craig continuing his hockey career in liverpool if that is a possibility)
Who i really want in a liverpool shirt is michael owen.
The doctors say, however, that he’s likely going to miss the entire premiereship season. Bad news for newcastle.

Liverpool do have a new stiker – Dirk Kuyt – who comes by way of Feyenoord. (He’s Dutch, isn’t that weird?)

So putting all this together – another striker means that ‘pool don’t have THAT much faith in Crouch. Good.

Now to get Owen back for next year…

This year’s fun begins saturday.