The good workers of Toronto who pick up our trash, green bins and recycling every week (or rather in the case of trash and recycling – every other week) don’t get enough cred/shout-outs/props/thanks.


Two weeks ago I arranged for a BBQ to be picked up for recycling – and it was picked up yesterday.

Not a monumentous moment in the history of western civilization I know, but it just got me thinking how they make the city run really really well.

People who clean up after us messy city folk are awesome.

Today the toronto sun had a headline  to the effect of  “Janitors run the schools”.

Having not read the article, I have no problem with that statement.

They keep the schools clean. You ever cleaned up after two or three kids? Now imagine a school. No thanks, you can’t pay those people enough.

Every morning we come into a cleaned office here at work. For that to happen someone comes in late at night and cleans up.

Now most of us here are not as messy as schoolkids with cookie hands, but i can imagine how quickly it would get gross around here without the cleanup.

Same thing with schools. Kids leave the grossest things lying around – like open containers of milk to go sour. Bleck!

So, on a day when they’re facing a negative headline in the sun, i want to say a huge THANK-YOU to the people who keep our city, school, and this little office space i am sitting in – clean.