If you haven’t heard, Toronto FC has a coach.
Mo Johnston.

I was more excited that at the press conference there was talk about the team going out and signing some prominent Canadian players.

That’s what I like to hear. Good Canadian players is exactly what we need. Well, almost.

I’m going to go one step further and suggest that Toronto FC exactly needs two guys – who come from a little place which just about 50 minutes north of the city.

I’m talking the corner of Davis Drive and Yonge.
Hangin’ at the Upper Canada Mall food court,
Or having a pint a the Goat on Main street…

Two Newmarket boys who can really play soccer.

First is Canadian national Jim Brennan – who’s been in England playing for Forest, (in the premier league with) Norwich, and then Southhampton.

He can play defence, but I think he’s deadlier as a left-winger in mid.

He’s the guy, if you’ve been following the story, has been linked to Toronto FC next year. They’ll be stronger if they get him.

The second guy plays for the Toronto Lynx.
David Diplacido is a solid playmaking midfielder.

As I’ve been out watching the lynx over the years, David has been one of those players that make things happen and would be a valuable asset to the FC.

So Mo, get on – get both of those Newmie boys. You can’t go wrong.