A strange event happened last night to my buddy Murray and I in Toronto.

We were heading to our post soccer game celebration for Tacos on Augusta (good place – they have this taco where it’s just cheese and mushroom. I’m not sure why, but it was pure heaven. I think cheese’ll do that to anything.)

We were driving along College on our way when we stopped at the lights at St. George. A woman approached our window and said,

“I don’t usually do this, but are you guys going to Bathurst and Bloor?”

We both replied, “No we’re not,” and started to drive off.

Murray hits the brakes and says, “What am i doing?” Stops the car and says, “Get in, we’ll take you up there.”

I’ve never picked up a hitcher. Never mind at the corner of St. George and College.

So we take her up to Bathurst and Bloor. We’re talking tacos and soccer – cuz that’s what you do when you’re heading for tacos and coming from soccer.

Somehow it comes out that she writes poetry, so she reads us two of her poems.

We reach the destination and we’re stopped on Bathurst listening to poetry she’s written inside her “Women of the Beat Generation” book.

I was curious why she asked us for a ride and she said “I felt good vibes from this car.”

Murray then asked her to roll-up the window of his car, and we saw that someone had drawn three hearts on his window.

She thanked us for the ride, and we thanked her for the poetry and continued down to meet our friends for tacos.

It was one of those experiences that make you like Toronto that much more.