Canada just beat Jamaica 1-0 in Montreal.
Rob Friend scored on a header – Tomasz Radzinski looked really good.

At half-time the guys on Sportsnet interviewed our coach, Mo Johnston (Sorry, is it Johnson?).

Mo said he’d like to take the whole team.

Thatta boy.

Starting from the back, if you have your pick take:

Goalie Sutton. That guy is huge. Huge as in height.

Defence: Sandro Grande.

Mids: Stalteri and De Guzman.

Forwards: Radzinski and Hume.

Canada looked pretty good. Radzinski was the oldest guy on for Canada.

Mo also said that FC may have news later this week about their first signing.

Radzinski would be a great surprise. Don’t forget Brennan.

Can’t wait.