All reports say that we’ll find out today that Jim Brennan will become the first player for the Toronto FC.


Looking at a transcript of an interview with Mo Johnston yesterday he said, ” And the fans don’t know this, but I spoke to the agent of Edgar Davids, Pavel Nedved; there were certain guys I would have loved to have brought in but with the salary cap, it was tough. They wanted to come to America. Those are two of the biggest names in world soccer.”

I love the idea of Nedved coming to play with us. Davids hasn’t been too impressive in the last two years playing in the English premiere league, but Nedved sure can still play.

I love the way Johnston is thinking: Go out and get some huge talent.

Brennan is the first step in the right direction. Keep it up Mo!
Oh, I have to add a player to my wish list: Jason DeVos.

Let’s see what happens.