We played a game tonight at Lamport Stadium in the rain.

Lamport is located on King Street just east of dufferin, right before you hit the rail tracks.

It is soooo 70s.

It’s mostly concrete. I don’t know how they would ever expect a professional team to play there. The field is just a patchwork quilt of astroturf.

And for some reason or another there are a ton of canoes in the north end.

It looked to have a good drainage system, so it couldn’t be to float around in.

(this might possibly be the worst blog posting ever in the history of the internet.)

yes it’s a bland blog post.

but it was a really bland stadium.

And for that, i really liked it.

It felt like the essence of the NASL for me. Well i’m not sure if there ever was an NASL soccer game there, it certainly came from that era.

That is: we built something with concrete and lights, and people may like it.

The NASL went away. Yes we still have the Vancouver Whitecaps, but they’re really just the 86ers with new retro jerseys.

And the new FC didn’t pick up the blizzard name.

And instead of the Cosmos, the New York MLS team has taken the name of an energy drink.

Taking the name of an energy drink is soooooo 2000000s. Very crappy. Hell, naming a stadium after a corporate sponsor is sooooooo 2000000s too.

I guess that’s why Alan Lamport Stadium felt like going to a time warp.

It was sterile, there wasn’t an ad in sight – yet there were stands , so it was intended to hold crowds. (say 5,000 people or so). And it wasn’t named after some sponsor.

I imagined it was like playing in the fall of 1979.

Yeah, the 1980s were just around the corner, but tonight we’re holding onto the 70s – not the bad parts of the 70s like disco and abba, but the better parts like the Clash and Star Wars – and in the rain, in our Blizzard jerseys under the lights of Lamport stadium, we’re kicking a ball. And it’s one of those oversized black and white balls that Pele used to bicycle past the Rowdies.. And it felt good, cuz the rain calms the city and brings a stillness.