The BlueBirds finished the home part of their season with a 5-0 win over Boston last night.

They’re now in 2nd place – passing boston.

You know, really Boston is beat up right now, and they’re missing a number of their big players (ManRam is out). They also traded David Wells for a resin bag at the deadline. These aren’t excuses for the RedSox,  just clear what is.

The jays have played this last weekend like it matters, and Boston just mailed it in. So the jays deserve to be in 2nd.

But you know, all this reminds me of the 1998 winter olympics where Canada lost the bronze medal game in hockey to the finns.

This was after they lost to the U.S. in the Semi-finals.

Third place didn’t matter and Canada justmailed it in against the finns.

I think Boston and CAnada 1998 are similar – both played their season for first place, and after that was lost to them they didn’t seem care about 2nd or 3rd respectively.

So next  year, be like Boston and go all out for first place Jays. Who knows, you may get the wild card.