Just want to admit that Peter Crouch did okay the other day when he scored two against Galatasaray for Liverpool in the Champion’s League.

Liverpool won 3-2 in Turkey, which you might think ought to count for something in light of all the “welcome to hell” banners, flares, and flying goat innerds you’d expect around that Galatasaray stadium in Istanbul.

But Liverpool didn’t play their game at that infamous Galatasaray Stadium – Ali Sami Yen.

The Champion’s League game was played at Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

Here’s something that doesn’t make sense to me.

Galatasaray (I’ve just learned how to spell it correctly – You can too. Just sound it out and then keep hitting “a” between the consonants. It gets really fun after a while.) have this advantage of playing in a stadium that supposidly is the most intimidating in Europe.

And yet, what have Galatasaray done this year? They’ve booked their Champion’s League games in friendlier confines. And, if you believe the hype, anything is friendlier confines than the “hellish” Ali Sami Yen. And, in doing so, have given their opponents a little advantage.
So yes, even though they stormed back to lose 3-2, I’d argue that Galatasaray lost something when they decided not to hold their games at “home.”

Returning to Crouch, sure the scissor kick against Galatasaray looked impressive – but he did nothing against Bolton earlier today.
Kuyt is for real. That is all.