If you play ball hockey, you know that unless you have a steady supply of friends who are somewhat nuts, it’s hard to find someone who will go in net.
(Poncho aside.)

Last weekend we picked up two inflatable goalies from Samko Toy Warehouse.
You just add air. It’s like filling up one of those killer whale things you’d get from seaworld – only it’s a goalie.
Mine has the New Jersey Devils. My brother’s wears the philadelphia flyers.
All you add is air to these things. They’re about the size of someone in grade two, and have about the same skill level.
That is, they just stand there in the net.

We plan on unveiling them during our Sunday Ball hockey games in two weeks.

It’s going to be Little Marty Brodeur against Tiny Ronnie Hexsmall. They come with inflatable sticks, so even if the Hexy decides to chop at people’s ankles it’s not gonna hurt.

Good times.