It’s thanksgiving weekend.

The smell of turkey is in the air, the sun is shining, and the Canadian National Team is getting ready to play their rematch today against Jamaica.

But it’s not on television.

 And it’s not mentioned in today’s Sunday Sun. (Hate to say I read the sun this morning, but hey, I’m out of town and you take what you get.)

It’s a little disappointing that the game isn’t televised. But it must be televised somewhere in Jamaica – why can’t Sportsnet (yes, it’s sportsnets fault) pick up a feed, relay it, and just beam it into our homes.

You wouldn’t even have to go so far as to get Craig and Jerry to forego their thanksgiving turkeys. I’d be happy with whatever you’d show – even if it’s someone with a video camera shooting it from the stands.

Anyhow. Rob Friend is playing today, so perhaps he’ll get another goal.

Okay, back to turkey.