Times are going to get fun for the Toronto FC in the next little while.

We have one player and one coach right now.

I’m looking forward to the coming weeks when they start signing a bunch of Canadian players to fill out our roster.

There’s also the MLS expansion draft. I’m not too sure of how many guys we’re going to get from that exercise – after all, the team is mostly going to be Canadians and, Dwayne Derosario and Pat Onstad aside, there aren’t a lot of Canadians playing in MLS.

But just saying the words “expansion” and “draft” are exciting. I think back to opening night of the Ottawa Senators when they had both Brad Marsh and Sylvain “Sly” Turgeon in the line-up. I think Marshy came by trade, but Turgeon was sooo expansion draft material!

It has to be hard being an expansion draft guy. Your former team has said “you’re good enough to be in the NHL, but not good enough to be here – so we’re sending you to the expansion team.”

To relate this hockey analogy back to soccer i think of the guys who every year play in the Championship division – get a team to make it’s way up to the Premiership – and then promptly sit for most of the season when their team is up there.

The name Stan Lazaridis comes to mind when describing these players.

Unfortunately this sort of fate also befalls Canadians. I remember watching Jim Brennan tear it up as a member of Nottingham Forest – and his team barely missed promotion.
Paul Peschisolido worked magic for years as a “supersub” for Sheffield United – and now the blades are up at the top.
Same goes for Jason DeVos and Wigan. DeVos led the Lactics to their division two title (i guess div two is now division one, what with the old first division now called the Championship… it can get confusing. Well not really, but i have to say, for all the confusion that is Italian soccer at least they’ve got their divisions all in order.) And now Wigan is up in the Premmie.
So let’s hear it for the workhorses – they guys who get things going and set a good start for a franchise.
I don’t think Toronto FC is going to have the same problems that NHL expansion franchises have. If we get a number of good young Canadians, this team will be fine.