I came to write in the blog here today and the first thing i saw was that i spelled “expansion” wrong in my most recent post.

I tend to do a number of things when i’m writing in my blog. I type quickly, don’t edit, and don’t spell check.

Yes, these are very bad traits for someone who calls himself a writer and an editor.

The thing is, i don’t get that worked up over spelling mistakes. They’re not good, i agree. But there are times when the enthusiasm for something just takes over.

Like finding a note on your fridge that says your brother has Leaf tickets and you do want to go tonight? I’m not to worried if he’s spelled anything wrong there.

But, this is not my fridge. And these posts are not Leaf tickets. Though if they were that would be really sweet.

Do you hate seeing spelling mistakes?

I’ll begin to spell check today.

Post spell check. Okay, no cavities.