Back in the 90s i liked this band Cracker.

You may remember their hits, Low, Get Off This, Eurotrash Girl.

They’re a good band.

I even braved going to see that awful band that sang “Runaway Train” at the carpeted Ottawa Congress Centre just so i could see Cracker open the show for them.

I tell you, you shouldn’t have carpets at venues. It’s just a trippy mess. Especially in the heydey of the mosh pit.

Cracker have done something cool.

They were dropped by their record label – Virgin. Anyhow,  Virgin decided to put out a “best of”using the songs that Cracker recorded.

Cracker decided to re-record their hits and release their own album on the exact same day as the Virgin release.

Here’s a link to Cracker’s Homepage

The band -endorsed  album is called Greatest Hits: Redux.