Do you know what’s fun? Making yourself laugh.

Do you know what’s even more fun? Being surprised when you laugh.

About two minutes ago I typed the word “stinky” and started to giggle.

yes giggle. i feel so grade two right now.

“Stinky” wasn’t related to the topic i was writing, so i don’t know why i wrote it.

i was writing the sentence “it’s about helping brokers”, i looked at the sentence and then just dropped it in between “helping” and “brokers”.

“it’s about helping stinky brokers”

I don’t know why i found it funny.  it wasn’t even the context, it was the word “stinky” itself. perhaps it’s just a nice thought to help stinky people out.

cuz, when you really think about it, aren’t the stinky the most difficult to reach out to and help?

Seriously. We offer to help all kinds of people – little kids, grandparents, co-workers, the blind, friends who want to move heavy stuff.  But if those helping out situations involve stinky it adds a whole other layer of difficulty.

Some guy comes up and asks you directions to Skydome? No problem.

But make the same guy stinky and he’s standing there asking directions? – well, that’s more than you bargained for.

and stinky has a whole other layer that “smell” doesn’t.

if someone “smells” it’s usually a bad thing.

“man that guy smells!”

but “smells” seems cureable by shower, deodorant, or acclimatization. (The last one is the worst – it’s like stepping into the home of someone who smokes and you can smell it everywhere – but then later, after being in their house you can’t really smell cigarette smoke anymore…. until you leave and you realize that hanging out at that house has made you smell.)

stinky is different. stinky seems to have permanence to it, a lingering problem. stinky seems to be something that isn’t readily solved by a shower or some air freshener.

to overthink it even more – smell seems to come from an external source.

“george was sprayed by a skunk and now he smells”

versus stinky, which the unpleasant odour seems to come from within.

“poor george! skunks are stinky!”

for example, while this this blog entry may smell, it is perhaps a reflection that overall, this blog stinks.