Are you in any online hockey pools?

I’m in two.

The Sporting News and Yahoo! Sports.

The SN one kinda sucks. You only have 5 guys, their value rises and falls, and it’s just not hockey fun.

It’s a hockey pool designed for guys who like playing the stock market.

Yahoo, however, is good for what ails ya.

This is our 4th or 5th year doing it. Depending on if you count the lock-out year. Hell, i would have taken an OHL pool at  that point.

We have 10 franchises – with only one guy being a “dead wood” GM in that he rarely checks his team.

At one point last week he didnt’ have Sidney Crosby playing. It killed us to see that.

Why would it kill us? Because we’ve gone back  to a head-to-head format. Every week you play one of the other franchises.

It makes for interesting battles because you really have to line up your teams strengths and hope you have a good week to beat someone.

It does come down to whoever scores more of course, but don’t disregard the glory of a shot on goal or getting lots of penalty in minutes.

I’m not doing so hot. I played the goaltenders gambit in that i tried to draft goalies named Martin that i thought were going to do well – Martin Brodeur and Martin Gerber, but only Brodeur is doing well.

Damn Senators always do something to ruin the hockey year for the leaf fan.

What makes the league awesome is the role the managers take in their teams. We go a little further than just trash talk.

We have press conferences, media guides,  game reports, bobble head nights, drunken ramblings from a former NHL goon whose team has been moved to Stuttgarrt Germany.

Good times.

And in closing, i just want to say that this week, i’m taking down the East York Yaks. I’m taking them downtown. They’re gonna be done.