So we had Adrian Serioux on the Toronto FC for like 10 minutes…  In his place we’ve got a guy named Ronnie O’Brien.

Not seeing a whole lot of MLS games in my lifetime – and none of those games included O’Brien – i’m curious to see what he’s going to bring to the FC next year.

I’ll put my faith in Mo. He’s coached MLS and knows the league. I’ll wait and see, but i’m still excited to see what we have on the field next year.

Serioux was good with the Toronto Lynx, and while i would have loved to see him in the Toronto uniform, i understand you have to trade quality to get it back.

But, if past play is any indication of a player’s strength – Serioux was always a better player than Marco Reda or Chris Pozniak. While the two latter players went and played in Europe – really after the Lynx played a helluva match against Bayern 1860 Munich where Toronto won 1-0, Serioux for the most part was a better Lynx player than those guys.

This of course is the solitary voice coming from a fan who watched from the stands.
I know Toronto FC is going to announce their Canadian national signings in a little while, I just hope that if indeed we end up with Reda or Pozniak (or both) that we don’t think they’re going to bring salvation to the team. Serioux was better.