The Toronto FC have signed Chris Pozniak, Adam Braz, and Marco Reda.

Braz played with the Montreal Impact. Both Pozniak and Reda most recently played in Europe, but also played professionally with the Toronto Lynx.

Or so I thought.

Marco Reda had this to say about coming to play in Toronto with the FC: “Having never experienced professional football in Toronto before, this is a really nice change for me.”

What?  Excuse me?

Never experienced professional football in Toronto? Was the Toronto Lynx a charity team you played for? Perhaps you weren’t paid Marco, but people paid to come and see the team play. And yes, by the way players were paid to play for the Lynx.

Maybe this quote is out of context – perhaps he meant to say he’s looking forward to playing for the MLS team in Toronto – but saying he’s never had a chance to play professionally in Toronto isn’t true.

Come on dude. I keep bringing it up, but you and Poz went abroad after that match between the Lynx and 1860 Munich. The Lynx won 1-0 in that game on a smallish field.

The german team’s crosses were sailing way over the area and Toronto played that game so tight it made Catenaccio look like it was a run and gun free for all. Even the strikers were pulling back at times… And i’d say the bulk of the work was won by the midfield of Brian Ashton (now retired), David DiPlacido, and (to my best recollection) Adrian Serioux. Yes the Lynx fans (myself included) were pumped that you guys won that day, but it was a tight match.

I can’t believe you said that you’ve never played professionally in Toronto when that was exactly one of the reasons you’re back here now playing on Toronto FC.

Unless Marco, you’re counting playing for the Lynx as playing professionally in North York, in which case most is forgiven.  We’ll see how good Europe has made you next year.