Toronto sports teams went Ga-ga for Greg(g)s this week.

the Jays re-signed catcher Gregg Zaun after chasing after another catcher – then after that deal fell through (though i didn’t wade through the convoluded explaination why the deal fell apart) the team said “Gregg, we don’t want to lose you.”

 Gregg Zaun is an awesome Jay. Newly signed Frank Thomas may bring a whole lot of home runs to Rogers Centre Skydome, but Zauny brings a great team first mentality to the park.

The second Greg was the Greg that we’ve been expecting for a while.

Toronto FC have Canadian national team goalie Greg Sutton signed up for next year.

This was a deal that soccer fans have been waiting to happen for a while. Mo even hinted about the signing with fans – so it’s no surprise.

I am surprised that MLSE isn’t going to have the Toronto FC shirts ready to be sold before Christmas.  My brother and I were thinking about exchanging jerseys, but i guess we’ll have to settle for getting eachother season’s tickets. Ahhhh – now i see the marketing behind the plan…