The Jays jsut got older this off-season.
We got “Rolls” Royce Clayton and Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas.

I’m sure FT has a ton of home runs left in his body – I remember watching him in batting practice last year and just watching him launch ball after ball into the stands.

But then, during the game, Thomas didn’t do much. And he didn’t strike fear into the fans the same way that Big Papi or Manny Ramirez do when they come up to bat.

No worries. He’s a Jay now, so he’ll be welcomed to the team.

I’m more concerned with our pitching this year. Perhaps J.P. has a couple more moves before April, but it remains to be seen what he can pull off.

Let’s start with locking in Vernon Wells to a long-term contract extension. He’s great on the team.

– Who puts pie in rookie’s faces during their interviews?
– Who throws a ball to outfield fans during the game?
– Who keeps winning gold gloves?

Vernon is the heart and soul of this team. They have to sign him – no matter what it takes.