The Leafs won last night against Tampa Bay.  It was their first win in 8 games.

The best part of the game, however, was seeing the private box with the 1992/93 Maple Leafs in it.

Those guys brought back the glory and gave Leaf fans a reason to believe again.

Doug Gilmour, Pat Burns, Dmitri Mironov… Mironov looked like he’s really filled out in the last couple of years. He used to have a lean face, now it’s pudgy.

A grey Mark Osborne. The venerable Wendel Clark.  Todd Gill. I’m not sure who else was in there, but it was great to see those guys again.

To think that they were one game away from the Stanley Cup final.

Why do Leaf fans hang on to that year perhaps even more than Montreal fans hold onto that year’s cup win?

It’s because of the overachieving nature of that whole team. Every one of those guys gave it. Watching that last game the team played against Los Angeles and you realize that these guys were at the top of their game.

They played with 5 defencemen. And pretty much one centre, Doug Gilmour. They put Zezel out there to stop the other guys.

And, not to knock Rob Pearson, but you were stuck with Rob Pearson.

But it did not matter.  That ’93 squad had heart. And it was great to see them all together again – talking about what should have been.

Thanks Kerry Fraser.