I have two guitars. One is an Art and Lutherie made in Canada, and the other is an electric Epiphone Les-Paul-Shaped Gibson (without any indication it’s a Les Paul).
I hadn’t played either guitar in a while. Usually that’s a good indication of how busy I am. That i can’t remember the last time i played is a bad sign.

So I picked up the acoustic – and instantly a song i haven’t played since the summer came back to me.
I hadn’t thought of the song in a while – but because i was using the capo it made me think of it.

Yes i know, these are really bad stream of consciousness posts. don’t like, don’t read. 🙂

Anyhow, the song was Benjamin Gibbard’s Farmer Chords. My friend Trevor sent it to me a while back and immediately i wanted to play it. It’s really catchy, and rather easy to play on the guitar – if you put the capo on the third fret.

It’s great when you remember a song, and it sucks when you forget it. Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio or in iTunes and then remember there was a time i could play it – but today i can’t remember.

Today that song was New England by Billy Bragg.

I forget how to play that on guitar. To paraphrase, I loved the chords he wrote,[to me] but that was bloody yesterday.

Anyhow, it’s late, a little too late to teach myself New England anyhow. I don’t think my neighbour would appreciate it anyway – as i’d probably want to do that one on the Epiphone.