Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey – Awooooooooo!

Oh man oh man, I’m loving This sentence will ruin/save your life by the Midland Toronto Ontario band, the born ruffian.

I heard it first on the CBC radio 3 podcast a few weeks back.

It is so kick ass. The guitar, the sparse lyrics, the desperation in the singer’s voice. Okay, perhaps it’s not desperation, maybe just despondency of buying your guitar strings in Midland and strumming your guitar on the town dock while the tourists take pictures from the Miss Midland.

Just have to say – and this is about being toronto based – boys, don’t turn your backs on Huronia. It’s about time there was a solid rock band from Huronia. But all of this talk of where the born ruffians are from, well  it doesn’t matter – This sentence will ruin/save your life is great.