*NOTE* This is about three weeks old. It somehow became saved somehow…

Here’s an interesting story, reported by the CBC, about how the two rolling stones concerts in Regina, SASK last year and how they’re “being hailed as the top grossing Canadian concert event(s) of all time.”

“Industry publication Pollstar said the Oct. 6 and Oct. 8 sold-out events brought in $12,011,124, placing the Western city of 200,000 on a top 10 list of North American concerts produced in 2006.”

What’s cool when you think about this is

a) it’s not Montreal or Toronto or Vancouver, but Regina – 200,000 people.

b) it’s the Rolling STones. While arguably the biggest band still touring – i mean, it’s big news when the Stones come to town anywhere – but i’m not sure they’re record setters

You can read it here.