When i first heard the new Arcade Fire i thought it was a long lost treasure from the goth days of the 1980s. Hell, for all I know about Bauhaus.

I was so pleasantly surprise to hear it was not only new, but Canadian, and Arcade Fire.

then i heard it again on the CBC radio 3 podcast… after an interview with the band.

You can hear it by going to the Arcade Fire site, clicking on “Win” and then on “black mirror”.

It’s good times.

POST SCRIPT: Shared the song with my coworker (or cowerker if we’re going all Bauhaus here) – he was okay with it. I tell you though, i’m digging this song – and i’m not talking ‘digg’ as in web 2.0, but dig as in lovin’ it old school.

UPDATE #2: Duh! I  should learn to spell “deux” correctly.  Still loving the song…