Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt “Bloody Sock” Schilling has a blog.

You can read it here. 

I like the part where he talks about working in a new pitch, a Change-Up, into his arsenal.

There is also a moment where he talks about a single solitary slider pitch and worrying that, if it’s the best one he’s ever pitched in his life, that it’s wasted being pitched during spring training (as opposed to say, the seventh game of the world series to get Albert Pujhols to ground out into a double play).

He’s at his best when he takes us into the minutiae of baseball. Waving off the catcher, for example.

He’s not so good when he’s sorta shilling products – like the part where he’s  talking about some 38 studio/video game company he has going.

Schilling, stick to Schilling.