Today I took the national IQ test, “Test the Nation” on the CBC website.

I have an IQ of 111.

 Tonight I watched the show, hosted by Wendy Mesley and Brent Bambury at 8 pm. They had 6 groups competing against eachother.

The highest score of anyone was a millionaire who got 137.

The average of the “mayors” group was 110.

Fitness instructors were at 112.

Millionaires scored 118 on average, and the team with the highest IQ were surgeons with 119.

So if i think i’m going to be a fitness instructor I’d better start working out my brain and my body.

 There’s something interesting on the CBC website.

You can take warm-up/practice (practise? i’m not sure which one to use – it’s proof i’m not an IQ of 140)  tests in the Mental Gym.

After you take the Mental Gym test you get a score, and a time in which you completed it.

Someone named “Christie” not only took all the quizzes a number of times, scoring 100% each time, “Christie” also managed to get all the questions right in under 1 second.


Some people managed to score 100% in seemingly less than a second.

That’s the mark of genius – time travel!!! Or people taking the same test over and over and over until they get it 100% right – and then trying to shave of milliseconds from their completion time.

Anyhow, i also “took” the test while it was on tv. Not knowing the correct answers, but having been exposed to the questions. This second time i took the test i scored 139. (Another reason why my IQ isn’t 140.)

Which brings me to my point.

Any “DATA” or “STORY” that the CBC releases regarding “Test the Nation” from the information they’ve gathered from the internet will be terribly skewed.


Because the very existence of “Christie”.

“Christie” or various people putting in their names as “Christie” made the mental gym results useless.

So even with the show was over and the hosts had given out the answers, Brent said “You can take the test online!”

So what is Test the Nation good for?

It’s good for getting an idea of your IQ very quickly if you do it once, and it’s a good way to see a bunch of people in a studio audience get tested.

However, Test the Nation is going to be a terrible way to actually see the IQ of the nation if they use the data they’ve gathered in any way. 

One eleven. I’m pretty happy with that. I’ll do better next time. Well, as long as I can figure out what “reticent” means.