I’ve officially gone three days without eating a Cadbury Easter Creme Egg.

And i’m craving one like crazy.

My best Creme Egg Story™ of all time was when i was living in British Columbia and i went grocery shopping the day after Easter. (So it was a Tuesday.)

Anyhow they had Creme Eggs on sale for 10 cents each.

I threw 50 into the shopping cart.

My roommate said to me “Hey i could take some to work to share.”

I said, “No way, if you’re going to take some to work i’m going to buy another 20.”

So there we were, i ended up buying 70 eggs that day… for $7.00.

For the next two weeks (maybe it was longer – i can’t remember in the egg haze) i’d take three eggs to work with me every day.

I also wrote a song around this time that was inspired by my roommate’s desire to take Creme Eggs to her workplace to share.

It was called “No eggs for Tango”.