First I have to say it’s been a bit of a disappointing season for the Leafs.

Any time you don’t make the playoffs is a disappointing season.

Second, while it looks looked like the Islanders are were going to beat the Devils in a shootout!!!  and made it into the 8th and final place in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, i have to say – it’s crazy but the  Leafs still have a chance they’ve earned it.

Last night Don Cherry said that the Devils owed it to “fairness” to play Brodeur today.

I don’t agree with that. I’m a Leaf fan and I can clearly see that the Leafs’ chance to make the playoffs wasn’t last night against the Canadiens. It was last Thursday against the Islanders.

That’s the game that mattered. That’s the game that the Leafs could have taken control of their own destiny. The Leafs lost. That’s it.

The Islanders, on the other hand, won all of their remaining games to push themselves past Montreal and Toronto.

They earned it.


I still wish we had Ryan Smyth.