Toronto FC lost their first official MLS match last night 2-0 against Chivas USA.

The team doesn’t look bad.

They started the game with an amazing energy. Passes were on target, they had a number of chances.

Captain Jim Brennan looked good in the left-back position. He sent a number of nice balls up to the forwards, Eskandarian and Buddle. It will be good once Mo Johnston is able to put him back in the midfield.

The Toronto defence looked shaky. Marco Reda left with an injury and was replaced by Adam Braz. Andrew Boyens (playing right-back) moved a couple of balls out of danger. Brennan was the best they had back there.

Toronto’s goaltending should be fine all season. Greg Sutton had a number of key saves, and controlled through balls as they came into his area.

Canizalez filled in for an injured Ronnie O’Brien and was effective in moving the ball.

Mulrooney and Welsh looked okay. Not outstanding by any stretch of the imagination.

The jury is still out for Nagamura. He’s not afraid to carry the ball – but we’ll see how he works out.

Conor Casey was ineffective. While Dobson lauded Casey’s ability to hold-up the ball, all he did was a back heel and a wall pass that both went and ended up on Chivas’ player’s feet. He’s a large forward so maybe he’ll be better once Toronto gets some second half corner kicks (which there weren’t too many of last night).

In all, it wasn’t the greatest debut for an expansion franchise – they didn’t win. Then again, Toronto FC didn’t look  like they’re going to have a terrible season either.

The best players on the pitch last night for the FC were Brennan and Sutton.

Players that look to have a great upside in coming games are Carl Robinson and Eskandarian. It was great to see (well it looked like) Robinson was really getting into the game and showing some emotion.