The Jays won 9 or 10 to one tonight against the K.C. Royals. I left in the 8th inning.

 Here are some opening day stats.

 Number of times people successfully started the wave*: 4 times

*a success counts when the wave goes around once.

Record number of times the wave went around in a single wave session: 5. Though i could have gotten caught up in the emotion of the wave and lost count.

 Number of times the guy in front of us said “WOOOOOO” when he saw the solitary pigeon flying around Skydome: 3

Number of times the guy wearing the Islanders jersey got booooed by the 500 Level: 3

Number of times said booooing was shown on the jumbotron (or “JaysVision”: 1

 Number of times the Jumbotron showed the guys with the Reed Johnson goatees: 1

Number of times the Jumbotron showed Jays’ president Paul Godfrey: too often to count

Number of times Paul Godfrey was on the Jumbotron with a good message: when he spoke about conserving energy at home using those light saving energy bulbs that i can’t remember what they’re called right now.

Worst giveaway: Something random by Alarmforce

Best catch: My brother caught a “home run” ball in batting practice.

Worst catch: Royals catcher John Buck drops a gimme at home plate.

Number of times the opponent’s home run was thrown back on the field: 1

Number of fans screaming “throw it back” after the opponent’s home run: 53,679

Today’s Chili race was won by: The yellow chili who ran for the 500 level.

The opening day car giveaway was won by: the younger woman wh0 the Jays’ host said was from “T-dot” and not the older lady from “St. Catherines.”

The national anthems were sung by: The trews