Toronto FC lost on Saturday 4-0 and are still looking for their first franchise goal. But i have to say, they’re certainly not looking for their franchise goalie.

Greg Sutton is good.

Which is why I’m surprised that someone visited this blog by googling “toronto fc goalie sutton terrible.”

This is a message for that person. Sutton isn’t terrible at all.
For a goal to be scored in soccer a whole lot of good things have to happen for the side who’s scoring, and a couple of things have to unravel for the team that’s getting scored upon.

For Toronto, these couple of bad things have been the incohesive play of the team – and not necessarily the bad play of its keeper, Greg Sutton.

The last two goals on Saturday against Sutton were a) penalty shot and b) a defensive breakdown.

The Toronto coached said something to the effect that it was the backline that was responsible.

I’m going one further and putting blame on the midfielders –  Welsh, Mulrooney, and Nagamura.
What about the first two goals? Those were both scored by Tyler Twellman of the Revolution – and it begs the question: why wasn’t he more closely man marked?

Going into the game the team knew that Twellman was a goalscoring threat, and yet he made his way on the scoresheet twice – and early.

That’s not a goaltending problem – that’s a defence problem.

Yes – the goalie is the last line of defence, but Sutton can’t take the blame for 9 others on the field (yes 9 – left-back Jim Brennan escapes blame here – he was the best player on the field for the FC Saturday night.)

When it comes to Sutton, so far so good.  Now let’s get the rest of the team in order.