Okay, it’s about to be soccer week in Toronto.
In the span of 8 days there is going to be 3 Toronto FC games and 1 under-20 Canada friendly.
It’s time for Mo Johnston to put Jim Brennan in the midfield.

No more of this centre-back stuff. And it is centre, not center.
Give Reda another shot. I’m not buying the line that he’s not in match fitness.
He’s had his rough patches – but a goal is not the fault of defence alone. It takes a number of breakdowns to result in a goal. And when you think about some of the guys who were playing midfield in front of him in the first couple of games (Mulrooney, Nagamura) – well, i’m not sure i can blame him for anything now that it’s clear that both of those jokers didn’t even want to play for Toronto FC.
Reda did have a number of good header clears in the games he played.

Move Brennan into the midfield. Left-side where he can carry the ball, and cross it with authority into the box. Also have Brennan take the spot kicks. (Let’s not rehash how ineffective the team has been thus far on corners and free-kicks. I think having Brennan take these would be a vast improvement.)

Wait, doesn’t this mean that Andy Welsh gets relegated to the bench? Yes.
Welsh is overpaid for what he’s done for Toronto FC. The problem is, as an import no other team is going to want him. Toronto is stuck with him. He’ll have some good moments, but the rightful (or leftful) spot on this team on the left side should be Jim Brennan, not Welsh.

Give it a go, Mo.

Here, I’ve gone through the trouble of filling in your line-up card:

Esky – Dichio

Brennan – Edu – Robinson – O’Brien* *if ready

Goldthwaite – Reda – Boyens – Wynne

Give it a go Mo. There’s really nothing to lose.